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5 Top Lighting Design Trends

Bright metals, warm colors and textured fabrics are this year’s hot trends in lighting design. Get ready to warm up your house with a new color scheme and new lighting fixtures to match.

SESCOS is here for all your lighting needs, and we’re happy to be the local electrician who can keep you up-to-date on the latest lighting design trends. We’re here to help with any installation and wiring that will help you create a beautiful new look.

1. Bright Metals Take the Stage

Burnished metal still has its place, but this year, bright metals are edging into the front row. Many designers and up-to-date homeowners are choosing lamps in gold, silver, and bronze.

Gold is the hot new color for fixtures, especially in more muted shades. It’s best to use gold fixtures on accent lighting to keep from overwhelming the room.

Industrial style is still in, but it has a more refined look than in the past. The cold, unfriendly look of rough metals has been replaced by a warmer one. Look for industrial elements in smooth, shiny metals or glossy, painted black. Neutrals have moved from gray back to cream and beige.

2. Rich Colors Warm Things Up

Trendy colors for lampshades are in keeping with the new, warm trend. Designers are using lampshades, pillows and wall hangings in rich colors like pink, bright red, orange, yellow, earth brown and mushroom.

Many light fixtures feature lamp bowls in glass of the same rich colors of burnt red, amber and deep gold. Ethnic touches are popular. The cool, gray-based color schemes that were everywhere are now giving way to warmer themes. In keeping with that trend, fabric choices include chenille, velvet, patterned ethnic cottons, and fringed fabrics.

3. Ceilings Are Striking

Ceilings are coming into their own with chandeliers in clear, bright colors with silver wires. Chandeliers can range from traditional to modern.

Some homeowners are opting for oversized light fixtures in bright colors that create a focal point of their own. These large, bright fixtures are definitely for the daring. If you choose them, balance their attention-getting size with smaller accent pieces.

4. Retro is Roaring

Retro and nostalgic styles have also become very popular. Edison-style bulbs started showing up in design magazines last year, and they’ve become a popular way to get the industrial touch without the hardness.

Edison-style bulbs are used in hanging lamps to create a fun, funky look. You can even get them with LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs.

Midcentury modern and art deco are still favorites for furniture design, and lighting fixtures have evolved to keep up with these popular styles. Among these are large chandeliers with clean lines and very little ornamentation. Chandelier bulbs are also available as LEDs.

Another trend that matches these styles is installing several rows of bright, colorful lights from the ceiling. These multi-light arrangements hang over dining tables or kitchen work areas. It’s a dramatic look that’s right in keeping with these retro styles.

5. LEDs Are the Bulb of Choice

A strong interest in “green” lighting and energy-saving solutions have made LEDs the designer’s favorite bulb. LEDs have dropped considerably in price, and it’s now possible to outfit your whole house in them. LEDs and LED fixtures are available in many styles and colors.

Get a New Glow With SESCOS

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